Monday, August 17, 2009

News of the week

Well, after one night at home recovering, it was time to pack again for a trip to Charlotte last week (which you all saw). It has been a whirlwind last week.

But now I am back for this week and ready to go!!! We may be having a visitor of the Jason variety arriving on Wednesday. If he comes, his help will be enlisted to install gutter guards on our gutters, as he is much more wily and nimble than either Jeff or me (it is very possible Jeff or I might lose our balance and break our necks thanks to gravity if we attempted to crawl about the roof. It's a center of gravity / balance thing.).

The last bit of news today is that the hurricane weather is messing with us. Yes, you heard me right! HURRICANE WEATHER. It is extremely windy and misting-raining, which makes Jeff unable to fly his RC airplane and which makes my hair look like crap. Again. The land of the humidity and sweet tea has not been kind to my locks. I think I need to grow it out so it will tame down in the summer.

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