Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paris Photos Take 2

After 3 hours sleep on Saturday morning, we were ready to take on Paris! This is in the Novotel Tour Eiffel lobby before we left for the day.

On our walk to the Eiffel Tower, we stopped for lunch at this local bistro. This guy looking at me is very obviously Parisian.

The Eiffel Tower was seriously bigger than I thought it was. (And every time I thought that, it was followed by, "That's what she said!". Thank you Steve Carrell.)

We walked around the tower and came to rest in a nearby park for about an hour, just people watching and hanging out. Being a little romantic - because everyone else was doing it too!

We walked back to the hotel - in the rain - and crashed for a couple hours. Then we went to an authentic French restaurant, complete with duck, creme brulee, and red wine...then more red wine at the hotel...and walking the streets of Paris. Somehow we didn't really get photos of that.

To save money the next morning we walked to McD's for lunch, and then headed out to Notre Dame Cathedral.

The inside is truly magnificent and it is amazing to think it was constructed with pulleys and ropes.

After the cathedral, we walked. And walked. And walked. (Later we learned we were in the very oldest part of Paris. It was awesome.)
We came across St Michael's fountain, which had artists on the street, shops, brasseries, and lots to look at.

Stopping for a photo while walking along the River Siene.

We saw tons of shops, beautiful designer gowns and wedding dresses, and lots of people - but nothing was open on Sunday.
We headed back to the Tour Eiffel to get on our river boat cruise, and had to snap a photo in the sunlight.

Here we are on our boat cruise!

We saw plenty of canoodling, kissing, coffee drinking, even some West Coast swing dancing on the cruise!

One of the amazing buildings...

After the cruise I was pooped. I could go no further without dessert and something to drink!

We walked back to hotel, had dinner at a different local restaurant and sat outside eating, drinking wine and espresso until the wee hours.
The next morning we headed out bright and early at 5 am to catch our flight back to Atlanta. What a crazy 3 days!!!!
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