Monday, August 10, 2009

Paris Stereotypes

Hey gang. Guest blogger Jeff here. Made some interesting notes about
Paris over the past couple of days. 1. The men and women are all
beautiful. Beautiful and skinny...and they all smoke. 2. Don't
wear shorts, you'll look like a tourist. I didn't and I'm glad. 3.
No matter how nicely you dress, you'll look like a slob compared to
the Parisians. 4. Parisians really do just sit around and make out.
I saw more PDA this weekend then I could have ever imagined. 5.
Even if you don't speak french, you will have no problem ordering at
McDonalds. 6. Everything is about image in Paris...even building
construction is covered up by large colorful billboards. Well, I
tired of typing on Jess's you in America.

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Amy said...

haha. Jeff you are so astute in your observations. Paris really is all about the love, image, and lots of red wine. Short story: I was waiting for the train with my friends at a Paris metro stop. A man was making out with a woman, while making eye contact with each one of my friends. scandalous? yes. But when in Paris....