Friday, July 3, 2009

Snowshoe from hell

Maddie, Maddie, Maddie. Oh, she is so adventurous. Like today, for instance, when she snuck into the pantry while I was looking for supplies to grill tomorrow. I accidentally shut the door on her.

Normally a kitty trapped in a closet is easy to hear - a few scratches, meows, and we realize there is a kitty missing.

But TODAY. Good Lord. There was scratching, and then FRANTIC SPASMS COMING FROM THE PANTRY.

I opened the door (at first I thought Bella had caught another mouse and my heart stopped) and Maddie bolted out. With a glue mouse trap on her back paw. Gimping.

I chased her upstairs and caught her, ran downstairs, and panickedly looked at Jeff for support. He got the kitty carrier (oh, she really loved that) and we put her in there until we figured out what to do.

Well, the Tomkat website told us to use vegetable oil to remove the glue residue and then rinse with soapy water, but first we had to actually pull the thing off. Which we did. And Maddie "nibbled" my arm to let me share in her pain.

Now, holding a 16 pound kitty with claws is difficult enough, and to further isolate her back paw is even more so. And then it was even more difficult scrubbing her tender pads with oil, then a soapy rag, and then shoving the paw into running water of the kitchen sink to rinse out soap.

Finally, we thought we got off all the glue, but wait! Must cut out fur on the belly as well (it was also glued).

We put her down, praised her like crazy, petted her, and she had a bath for about 30 minutes. But we survived. WHEW!

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