Friday, July 17, 2009



Yes, today I am a WOO girl (see hilarious sidenote from How I Met Your Mother. Which BTW I hope wins an Emmy for it's awesomeness).

ANYWAY, let me tell you, this Harry Potter is FANtastic. (But, mom, do not go see it until you have seen the others first). I am extremely pleased how they incorporated most of the story into the movie, the scenes (CG or not) were amazing, and it was incredibly scary and sad, which this story truly was.

It is seriously a perfect leadup to the final book which is being split into 2 movies (thank goodness, there is wayyyy too much in the last book to cram into 2 hours).

All in all, it was super awesome! And that is the only detailed review I am going to give, since to go any further would be to deny those unfamiliar with the story the awesomeness of the movie.

And finally, it would not be a true movie experience review without letting you all know how disappointed I am in Carmike Cinemas. What a dump.

Ok, it was fairly clean, but the chairs were uncomfy, the arms did not go up, and the concessions were only popcorn, pop, and candy. No pizza or hot dogs or pretzels or anything like that, which I am really surprised at. BOO. And let me explain - I was forced to eat a lot of popcorn over the dinner hour, and promptly barfed when we went out to eat "real supper" after the movie. And no, it is not MY responsbility to make sure I am fed a good meal before having fun. Now that's what a true WOO girl would say.

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