Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a long day

Supplier Diversity. That is what's on my mind today in Georgia.

I attended a 4-hour training class this morning, aimed at getting all of us to buy into the concept, believe in our hearts why it's the right thing to do, learn skills for situations in which to apply, and receive tools to help us get started.

And I did do all of that. I think diversity in general, and specifically targeting supplier diversity in the type of job I have, is a great thing. Encouraging a supplier diversity program with procurement professionals can only increase the competitive pool for whatever you are buying / contracting, bringing further value to the company. Additionally, by 'remembering' to target minority, small, or women owned businesses you may come across a great new supplier you may not have previously considered that is devoted to building a relationship with you and your company.

But boy, on a personal level, I am drained after that class, plus an afternoon of meetings. Everything accomplished today needed to be done, yet nothing got checked of my to-do list. How's that work?

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