Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am the American Consumer

Why am I not asked to participate in focus groups for various products and services?

Here's why:
I am not brand-loyal, unless a particular brand is consistently the best value. And then I am loyal to a fault. (In other words, I'm cheap.)

Case in point - Roundy's brand food from Rainbow Foods was FAN-Tastic. It was consistently very high quality, value-for-the money type of food. And I would tell everyone about it (if they didn't know already).

Of course, for this to work, you have to get store-brand of items that make sense. For our family, no way is "Cola" going to be purchased instead of Coca-Cola. It's just not happening. And "Peanut Butter" is not the same as Jif. But seriously? Crispy Rice is the same as Rice Krispies. (Sorry Kellogg's, it's just not that unique of a product. Especially if the primary use is for Rice Krispy bars.). Other common replacements: plain potato chips. And shredded cheese. And chicken breasts. And hamburger. And bread. And eggs.

Get the drift? (BUT, on the other hand - Our Family is not acceptable. It just isn't. Yuck.)

So, the whole point of this post - A good product with consistent value will bring you your most loyal customers: in this case, your budget-conscious consumers.

And for all you Trader Joe and Whole Foods believers, get over yourselves and "the experience" and save your family a few bucks. Your kid's new baseball glove will thank you.

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