Monday, June 8, 2009

Visitors. And Creepy Crawlies. At the SAME TIME

Well, on Friday, Jeff's folks successfully made it onto the inaugural nonstop flight from Sioux Falls to Atlanta. The wheelchair showed up as required, no one barfed on the plane, and Allen participated in his first plane ride since 1970. They are HERE!!! (WOO HOO FOR VISITORS!!!!!!)

They were not the only visitors we had this weekend. On Saturday night, Jeff thought he saw a clump of cat hair on the bedroom floor and thought, I better put on my glasses. Good thing he did - it was a scorpion! Albeit one that had lost its spunkiness because of the poison, but it was still alive. It only took one foot stomp to finish it off. Then on Sunday, we went to the basement (insert horror music here) to put up shelves and unpack some more boxes. We had a first hand experience of how well the exterminator's elixir is working - scorpions, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, and other bugs I cannot identify met their grave about one foot into our basement. All the way around the outside perimeter of the concrete. Oh, and we found our mouse friend that Bella had caught a few weeks ago (and then let go. and then we chased with a broom until we could not find him anymore.). He was in a trap and had been there for awhile.

Did I mention we had our neighbor Jerry used his 1954 tractor to spread out our humongous pile of composting mulch and tree waste in the backyard? We figure we stirred up a plethora of critters last week doing that and they were trying to get inside.

We are told by all native and transplanted Atlantans and neighbors that this amount of bugs and pests is normal and that is why God invented exterminators. I will take their word for it.

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