Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maddie's Big Adventure

Jeff has been cleaning carpets and unfortunately there is a foul odor while they are drying. So he decided to open a window in the dining room, with a fan it. No screen - the fan could hang out the window that way and plus it is up a story and a half so it is unlikely a critter (including kitties) could get in or out.

For cross circulation, he also opened a living room window, but put a screen on that one since it dumps directly onto the front porch.

Maddie immediately jumped into the front window sill and proceeded to torment the squirrels from inside. That must not have been close enough though, because in the time it took to walk up and down the stairs and do some laundry, the screen had a kitty-sized opening in it, and there was no Maddie.

So we walk outside and call for her and of course she does not come. Because she is not a dog, she is a KITTY. I look at Jeff and begin to ask him to fix the window screen, which he was starting to do anyway (it did not have a hole, it had just come unattached at the bottom).

Then I glance out the front door window, and there she is, proud as a pea, sitting on the front steps. I open the door and in she pops, like it is the most natural thing for our inside kitty to be outside.

After a meal and a bath, I think she may finally be happy and content.

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