Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sally Hansen 1, Hartmans 0

What self-respecting lady has not asked herself, "Self, why must I keep shaving my legs? I know! Three separate women's magazines recommended Sally Hansen's Spray-On Rinse-Off Leg Cream for ease of use and effectiveness. I will buy some of that and use it! Haha! Hair defeated!!"

Um, not so much. Yesterday I tested the sensitive skin version to ensure I would not react (I didn't). Today I proceeded to take my morning shower, dry off, then step into our jacuzzi tub to Spray-On Rinse-Off. Jeff was roped in to spray the backs of the legs effectively.

I sat on the corner of the tub for the recommended 5 minutes of the 3-5 minutes. And then tried to stand.

DID YOU KNOW THIS SHIT IS SLIPPERIER THAN PAM COOKING SPRAY ON A KITCHEN FLOOR????? (I have obviously done that as well.) I could NOT get grip anywhere in the freaking tub. I called for Jeff (mind you, still in my towel, sort of), and he came to help.

So I, with my gimpy slippery feet, and my half-on towel, wrapped my arms around his neck to try and help lift me out of the tub. Which I slipped halfway out and slammed the cooch into the edge of the tub. He HEAVED the rest of me out and threw me back in the shower like a drunk college kid.

What a morning. It's not even noon. Oh, and a portion of the floor is painted and weeds are sprayed outside.

One more thing: who DOESN'T think Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion is a classic movie? Sheesh. Husbands.

Oh and one more thing to that: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DADDY-O!!!! I can't wait for you guys to visit.

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Anna said...

So did it remove the hair? Is it worth the hassle and cooch slamming? :)