Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Springtime in MN too!

Wow, I got back today around 12:30pm and walked out of the airport to BAM - same weather as Atlanta. I love springtime...pansies, tulips, crocus...I know in the south they are planted as annuals but it sure has given me spring fever!

We have the moving company coming today to survey our stuff and estimate how much we have to move - it should be interesting that our little family of "2" will probably have an equivalent amount of stuff to a big family of "5"...I'll let you know! (plus, we even got rid of a bunch of stuff already!)

Still trying to work out the roof situation - a contractor is coming today (I think) to survey the storm damage on the home down south and see if we should insist on re-submission to the insurance company. Apparently the claim was rejected once, but the neighbors on either side are getting new too, please!

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