Thursday, March 19, 2009

*sigh* Some Days...

I have to share this story because it is so epic. Title: "A water-filled catbox is a force to be reckoned with."

Jeff is tearing down his fish tank :( which is very sad altogether since he has spent so much time and effort on it. Anyway, in hopes to recoup some of his favorite pieces of coral, he is giving away big chunks to a bunch of different people so they will be able to keep a piece for their trouble, and also hopefully mail us a piece in a few months.

Anyway, in order to "frag" these corals, you fragment a portion off the mother colony and put it in a baggie filled with water. Inevitably, you need more water.

So, Jeff has a water-making system that makes ultra pure water. And it runs through all these filters and canisters, and comes out of a teeny little tube that he puts into a 7 gallon jug, sitting on top of the catbox in the laundry room. (Anyone see where this is going?)

He only runs it when he needs more water. He needed more water on Monday. On Monday (when I am in ATL), the whole roof shenanigan happens and we have some serious paper pushing to think about. And phone calls to make. And people to talk to. And...he forgets all about the teeny tiny hose running into the jug, on top of the catbox.

About 5 hours later, he remembers and runs down stairs to find box catboxes totally flooded, kitty litter turned to turdy-clay, and the floor is a mess. (Did I mention I was not at home?). CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW TERRIBLE THAT WAS TO CLEAN UP? Poor thing. But he did, and the kitties had a bathroom again.

Until Tuesday night. When the same thing happens. Yes, the same thing. More phone calls, people to talk to, conversations to have, all while the water is running...and filling up the catbox. Again. Except this time no turds (because honestly, how much can 2 kitties "go" in one day?).

All together now, GROAN - - - - -aw, shucks, Jeffy, when are our lives going to go back to normal????? Soon. I promise.


Anna said...

This story is all to familiar in the Padilla house. We have, likely, the same system for water-making for our salt tank. Although we have never flooded a kitty-liter box, we have COUNTLESS times flooded our garage as we got distracted from our weekly water making.

Jed said...

I think is what Anna meant to say is she often neglects the timer going off telling her to turn off the RO/DI. :)

What kind of tank did Jeff have? Atl has some nice shops and he is welcome to a frag of what I have in my little 55 :)