Monday, March 2, 2009

Mission Stimulation Economus Successful

What a weekend! The girls arrived in town about 10:30pm and went straight to their hotel on Friday night, so I didn't see them.
I met up with them around lunchtime on Saturday - they had already hit Ikea (with purchases for Marne's sister's new house), and Victoria's Secret (WOWZA).

Let me just say, a girl needs to get fitted for bras more often (Em....)

Anywho, our long leisurely lunch was punctuated with petite derrieres and voluptuous bosoms at an extremely well-known dining establishment - HOOTERS!!! Between all of us, Diet Coke, a huge beer, small beer, and I think 4 (?) Long Island iced teas complimented our assortment of wings, fried pickles, onion rings, and mini-cheeseburgers. Oh and the giggling. We mustn't forget that.

After our 2-hour lunch we ventured back into the Mall of America to hit up a lot more, shoes, shoes, some work-related outfits, and animal prints abounded. And that took another 5 hours.

After an hour long wait at the Cheesecake Factory (seriously, why would there be a wait like that until 9:30 pm????), we FINALLY got to have dinner. Sorry Marn, I might have to veto the CF experience for the next visit - between your terrible Long Island, no chicken on Angie's dish, and the $15 tacos...we'll try McCormick and Schmick's next time!!!

We were GOING to play Rock Band 2 back at my house, but it was way too late and we were pooped! Instead we chilled to the smooth groove of Justin Timberlake (who else?). What a dream.

I can't wait to see everyone again on the next one - be it Vegas, Amsterdam, or Atlanta! Thanks for the memories - *Hugs*

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Marne said...

We did have a blast!!! I concur... M&S would be great....I have been to Fogo De Chao in Atlanta... Brazilian Steakhouse! Wonderful! Jeff was a trooper with all of us girls. Have a good week. Love you!