Monday, March 16, 2009

House hunting

Now that are house in MN is sold, Jeff and I spent the better portion of last weekend and a couple days last week looking for a place to live in GA. We looked at a lot of homes but finally narrowed it down to one - we have made 3 separate offers, trying to lowball them....we are still waiting for a call back today on our latest.

IF WE GET IT, I will be thrilled - it's really a step up from our current home. It's probably a little too big, but it was 10 minutes closer drive and a lot bigger than those that were further away (our plans B and C if this falls through), so we decided to make an offer anyway.

We have been frantically printing, scanning, and emailing documents back and forth. And now I am heading out of town again, leaving this afternoon and returning tomorrow night.

Job-wise, things will get much easier once I have only one office and it's in Atlanta. I hope I can (very soon) say the same thing about our potential / probable new place.

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Marne said...


Could you post a link to the listing so we can see what it looks like!?!?!?!