Friday, March 20, 2009

Far vs Near Sadness

Whenever something tragic happens to a celebrity (or I hear a story from someone else about someone they know), I always have a stomach churn and usually end up with a few tears. I feel so terrible for them, and their situation.

It was especially true for Natasha Richardson's story this week. A bump on the head, seemingly just fine, and a few hours later...I know the heartbreak her family is feeling and it is making my stomach churn and have a few tears. I also immediately think of my own friends and family who have passed away...and am currently having a moment...deep breath...ok.

Thinking about all my peeps not here today,

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Marne said...


I felt really bad about this one too... I'm thinking I would have done the same thing as her and suck it up if my head hurt a little. I will pray for her family like you.

Love you and miss you!


P.S. How is the roof situation?