Friday, December 5, 2008

Sinterklaas Celebration

Today at work we celebrated Christmas with our friends from KLM. They sponsored our Sinterklaas Celebration in the atrium of our building. They flew over a bunch of kids from Holland (and some mothers), who dressed up in traditional Dutch clothing and sang cute holiday songs from the motherland.

The funniest was a little guy named Sven, who was maybe 3 years old and had big eyeglasses. He danced and fidgeted and talked, but never quite got around to singing. It was pretty funny.

Then the buffet was opened with zillions of traditional Dutch Christmas treats. Right now, I have some kind of ginger-y cookie, half moon waffle thingy with some kind off goo (carmel?) holding it together, fudge square one, fudge square 2, a chocolate leaf, and a mini-cake of some kind. All to wash down with some apple cider.

Good thing it's about time to go home - I will need to rest in my new bed to handle the sugar crash!

UPDATE: The leaf has orange jell type stuff in it! YUM, orange and chocolate.

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