Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I love it. The Internet, of course. Do you know how many wonderful gifts out there exist? And puh-leaze, do not cry to me that going to Macy's megastore is better than Macy's online. It's not. Because I would never go to Macy's in my jammies.

I will tell you what IS better than Macy's online. Retailers that give back to charity. My goal this year was to use my dollars to support the kind of businesses I want to see - those who give a portion back to charity or support some other kind of altruistic activity. I can't of course indicate (yet) which ones I used, since my family reads this blog. But, get started on your own shopping with these links I have found: Gives a percentage back to a PTSA or school of your choice Buy on ebay, support a charity Order items from big box stores and contribute a portion to charity Buy irrigation for a farmer, a goat, yarn for blankets, and much more Handmade items that provide income and loans to the third-world women who make them As good as World Market, but for a cause Gift certificates to a charity of your choice (even though gift certificates and gift cards are usually LAME-O, this is ok) Buy a cow. Or a sheep. Or chickens. Or a whole ark. Seriously cool. For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need. Purchase a water-related product to support sustainable water projects in developing nations For the foodie - and help fight hunger

Try it - just one gift for one person this year. Tell me what you are planning on doing in comments (because you know your sister/mother/brother doesn't read my blog)!! You will be surprised at their reaction (even if they are not a bleeding heart hippie)...because who doesn't want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves?

As for me, Maddie and I are still waiting for our items to arrive next week...


Amy said...

You are wrong on so many levels:
First, there is nothing better than Macy's LIVE. The glitz, the glam, the perfume ladies working on commission. No, my friend, when you shop on-line, you are cheating. You miss out on the unadulterated excitement, the smell of perfume, sweat, and that uncomforatble eye contact you make with strangers. Nothing can make you feel more uneasy then prolonged glances. kinda like the uncle who hugs a little too long type of thing.
Furthermore, the charity thing is too much. You are already doing enough by recycling and occasionally voting democrat. So give yourself a rest and spend money on the people who really need it--starving grad students who have blown all their loan money. Amen

Marne said...

Funny! I'm on the fence about Macy's for real or on-line. If I'm with my girlfriends... it's a blast to go and spend hours in one store (Amy.... it was the one on State Street!). When i'm looking for black boots... I get lost in all the screens of boots and I can't see them for real. Maybe buying gifts is better on-line... no Black Friday masses, that's for sure!

I love the idea of giving back... I've give $15 to date to the bell ringers for Salvation Army... does that count?

Jessica said...

In my book, bell ringers count, as do the traditional methods of holiday giving (Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, food shelf, etc). This is just a nice alternative for gifts you are giving to others anyway (like your family).

For the record, we don't recycle (I KNOW - can you believe it), and I almost always vote democrat.

I also believe in sustaining the kinds of business models that I believe in...which is why I dig this. Maybe too much.