Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Orleans - Thurs

Woot! I am still having wonderfully warm (literally) memories of our trip to New Orleans the weekend before Christmas.

Ok, so here's what happened on day 1:

~ Thursday ~
8:00 am - Dropped Mom, Dad, and Amy off at the airport, enroute to Las Vegas.
8:15 am - Found out about the snowstorm and that no seats were available (and that it was suckily cold and snowy).
9:00 am - Found out we could cancel our rooms and Cirque de Soleil tickets (boo). But with no penalty (yea!).
9:30 am - Consensus to cancel Las Vegas and go somewhere else.
9:40 am - Options for Orlando, South Carolina, or New Orleans. Mom picks New Orleans.
9:45 am - New seats booked to New Orleans. Look up hotels and delegate to Amy to reserve.
10:00 am - Visitor from Delta (oh yeah, I am working this day, did I mention????)
10:30 am - Vendor sales pitch
11:15 am - frantically check my watch because I need to leave work
11:30 am - Leave to pick up Jeff
11:50 am - Pick up Jeff and head to the airport
12:00 pm - Remember that I need to ride the shuttle and that will take at least 15 minutes.
12:02 pm - Decide that the shuttle is not an option and now have to pay for parking.
12:06 pm - Drop Jeff off at the airport front door.
12:10 pm - Park and check in. Run to concourse C.
12:30 pm - Made it! Flight leaves in 35 minutes...
1:15 pm - We all got seated in First Class. With meal service. And "beverages" (thus it begins). AWE-SOME.
4:30 pm - Arrive in New Orleans. With our heavy coats (it was -12 when we left). It is now 75 and humid. My hair immediately curls.
5:00 pm - Take a cab to the Marriott on Canal Street (great hotel, thanks Amy) and check in. Did I mention Troy University is playing a bowl game and staying at our hotel?
5:50 pm - Emerge to speak with the concierge about what to do, and where to eat.
6:20 pm - Dinner at the Acme Oyster House down the street. WOW. Both grilled and on the half shell oysters (all, and Dad/Jess/Amy), fried shrimp (Jeff and Jess), crawfish etouffe (Amy), and a shrimp Po Boy (Mom).
7:30 pm - Bourbon Street. Totally quiet compared to the other nights, but we jammed at Fat Catz to an awesome cover band, and then sat down for smooth jazz at an outdoor pub (complete with an old black lab hanging out with the band - I think he belonged to the singer).
10:oo pm - Regroup at the hotel to decide what to do the rest of the time!!!

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