Monday, December 1, 2008


FINALLY made it home today. Last night's flight got cancelled (after waiting for almost 3 hours) because of a flat tire and hydraulic system problem. It was a full flight, so of course everyone got moved to today...I couldn't get on the 6:45am flight, and barely made it on the 11:00am. They said if one more bag had been checked, I wouldn't have gotten on.

Anyway, my Aunt Sharon of all people was on this flight! So we sat in the back of the plane and chatted all the way to MSP, then she took me out for lunch at TGI Friday's while waiting for her connecting flight. It was a wonderful surprise!

My NOT wonderful surprise occurred after I took the crew bus back to the parking lot. After locating my car (which I had parked a looong way away), I turned the ignition and cleaned off the snow and ice. I hopped in to put the car in reverse. Couldn't. I tried a couple more times, turned the car on and off, rocked it back and forth, let the parking brake go....UGH, still nothing. I called Jeff for backup but he didn't have any other ideas (he's still harvesting). I was ready to call a taxi to go home and figure it out later and thought, I will just slam the hell out of the center shifter and see what happens. Sure enough, a big *pop* and we are in reverse! I quick back up and put in drive and head straight home (just in case). Also, I had to check on the kitties and fish.

I pull into the garage, put the car in park...and the damn thing won't turn off. The key won't turn the ignition off. It was stuck too. For the love of pete!

So I go in and out of the garage a couple times (reverse and drive), do the same rocking thing, and fuss about another 15 minutes (by now this whole thing has taken well over an hour). I finally say, screw it, and give it a good wrench (as before). The car turned off, but not all the way. It was between off and battery power, so I couldn't pull they keys out. Whatever, I'll just go inside, do my business, and take the Jeep.

Jeff had locked the garage door. So I futz with the keys some more, trying to get the house key off the stuck keyring, and it jiggled it enough that it came OUT!!!!! SUCCESS!!!! But I am not driving it tomorrow.

Needless to say, by this time it is about 3:30pm and I haven't done any of my checking. That took till about 4pm, at which point it was too freaking late to go to work. PISS. What a crappy waste of Paid Time Off. Plus I actually had stuff to do today. Whatevs.

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