Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Kitty Christmas

The kitties got a window perch for Christmas. Jeff installed it today and placed Bella ever so gingerly on top. Three hours later she is still there:

Maddie l-o-v-e-s Christmas. And by that, I mean she loves when we get out the boxes. We put up the tree, and Fat Kitty immediately jumped in the box. She then found every rubber band, and ate it, then tried to climb the Christmas tree. Finally she calmed down. We'll see how many balls stay on the tree once it's decorated.

After all the excitement, the girls do what they usually do, sniff at each other and try to rile the other one up so they can pop each other on the nose and chase. Maddie is going in for the lick-sniff.

And finally, they calmed down about midnight. With my help of course.

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