Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Setting Goals, and some tough love.

I am still carrying around about 30 lbs of baby weight.  I call it baby weight, because I gained it during the pregnancy.  But even when that "baby weight" is gone, I still have a lot of "life weight" left to lose.

I shed quite a bit of water weight initially (and baby, and pregnancy grossness stuff), but since about 2 months post partum, the scale hasn't moved much.

So, I guess it's time to stop depending on breastfeeding calorie burn as my only means of losing weight.  It's time to stop using breastfeeding hunger as an excuse to eat whatever and whenever I want.

My long-term goals:

  Number 1: Get healthy and fit so I can crawl around on the floor with baby, carry a toddler around without being winded or sore, and run after a preschooler.  (That takes care of the next few years at least, LOL.)

  Number 2: Learn to ride a horse, and do it on the beach when we're on vacation.

  Number 3: Hike in the Rockies (Colorado) and the Alps (Switzerland) as a family vacation.

  Number 4: Increase my energy so I have more output and attention for my husband, because that is the most important relationship I CHOOSE to maintain!

  Number 5: Be generally AWESOME!!!

What does that look like (aka my short-term goals):
1.  Lose 70 lbs by my birthday (May 6) next year - 42 weeks remain, which equates to 1.5-2 lbs of weight loss per week.  This is probably a good rate as long as I'm continuing to breastfeed (which I am).

2.  Start tracking my food again.  I totally got away from it during the pregnancy...it was too much work especially when I wasn't feeling well.  I used to belong to Weight Watchers but quit after I had a lot of success, and felt comfortable on my own with My Fitness Pal and my trainer (Hi Carla!) instead.  I will re-start using MFP, and try to stay around 1800 calories per day, with carb/protein/fat macros of 30/40/30.

3.  I have got to start being active again.  I LOVED my group fitness classes back over at the G.O.  They were at lunch time, and I totally had my posse who headed over together, and kept each other accountable.  Since coming over to TOC in September, I just have not gotten into the rhythm of the classes, time of day, or fitness friends that I had before.  But, the only way to get that back is to jump right in.  So I am going to start working out 4 days per week (not Mondays) at the gym for at least 30 minutes, either in the morning before work or over lunch time.
OK.  So there you have it.  It's Tuesday.  What better day to start than TODAY!?

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