Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cosmic Kids Yoga

On my drive in this morning, I was (of course) listening to my FAVORITE podcast of the moment - Parent Savers - and came across Episode 106 - Yoga For Kids.

I am not a Yoga person.  At all.  I went with my lunchtime crew to the gym a couple times and did not like it.  I didn't sweat, I didn't get out of breath, but I also couldn't do jack squat other than child's pose over and over.  (Hello, I do NOT like failing at stuff.)

I did like the laying down thing at the end though.  Don't judge me.

Anyway, I was skeptical that YOGA would be appropriate for high energy, active kids.  But I am all for considering new things, and hey, I gotta drive to work so listening to the podcast is low risk, right?

WELL.  I am soooo excited about this concept.  I cannot wait to incorporate it when Ethan is older and um...walking (or standing, or sitting on his own, LOL).

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a Youtube series where the "instructor" tells a fun story, all while incorporating movement (aka yoga poses) with a cartoon-y green screen background.

I can totally see toddlers and preschoolers trying to follow along, moving their bodies just like the instructor, while listening to the story.

Each story is about 15 minutes long, and is so fun and silly, and is 'familiar' to other books and stories out there.

Check it out for yourself!  Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube channel - Squish the Fish Episode 1

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Sarah said...

Just happened to read your blog post today and put this on for my kids - they LOVED it! Thanks much!!! Going to share it widely!