Thursday, January 9, 2014


My mom has been so so so helpful in finishing our home.  We recently turned our former dining room into the fish tank sitting room (who uses a formal dining room anyway?).

Jeff got a new saltwater fish tank probably about 2 years ago and we have been slowly getting the room ready.  My mom said - and is right - we should do all of this kind of stuff before the baby comes.

So we have a new sofa, artwork, lamp, and rug...the rug is so soft, Peanut is going to love crawling on it.

I've already taken MANY naps on the sofa.  It's great.

And it's so relaxing to have a room to watch the fish.  This room is also right next to the office where Jeff spends a lot of time, so we decompress together while I sit on the sofa and he is at the computer desk.

We also FINALLY got a new dining room set, just in time for Christmas dinner!

Our old set was purchased - used - in Rapid City, before we were married (and when we were still in college) well over 10 years ago.  The chairs had been reinforced but one was a little lopsy.  The tabletop had some stains on it.  But it served us well.  AND I re-sold it on Craigslist for probably half what I paid originally.  Not bad!

Our house is almost ready...we still need to purchase some kind of storage / flat top item to put all our downstairs baby stuff (like bath and diapers and clothes).  Our main floor has only one closet - the coat closet by the back door - and we have no place to put anything!  I think we found something at Target that will work for now, but we are going to keep looking a bit...but you can't argue with Target prices, especially for something you're not sure you will need long-term.

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