Sunday, January 12, 2014

31 weeks - Ups and Downs

I forgot to take a picture for 31 weeks!!!  Life is going super fast...

Ups - Yea! Happy New Year! We celebrated with Ryan Seacrest (like always) and I made it until 1AM! 

Downs - Boo! Back to work! I love my job but lounging around is better!!

Ups - We finalized a lot of stuff on our registry - we made decisions on a lot of the "gear" we think we will need. We decided to register at Amazon primarily, with duplicates at Babies R Us as a physical store. Amazon has a great registry fulfillment coupon, plus we are planning on joining Amazon Mom (for diapers, etc) which gets even more savings, plus free shipping.

Downs - My shoes are starting to not fit...that kind of sucks. Hopefully my feet go back to normal later.

Ups - I "FINALLY" feel like I have a baby bump like all the time - not just in pregnancy clothes. It's taken me till the 3rd trimester to look pregnant-not-chubby, but hey it happened eventually :)

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