Wednesday, January 8, 2014

30 weeks - Christmas!

My mom and sister came to the ultrasound with Jeff and me during Christmas week. I was so glad they were able to share in the excitement!!! Usually having family so far means they miss out on this stuff, so I was really grateful. 

I continue to get weekly ultrasounds to monitor baby's growth - he is definitely "intra uterine growth restricted" or "IUGR", which means he is small and lower than the 10th percentile of growth for gestational age.

However, even though he's small, he's still plugging along the growth curve, right around 7th to 8th percentile. All of his bio markers check out as well - cord blood pressure, movement, practice breathing, amniotic fluid - so he's doing great! 

 Our ultrasound tech (who I love) was really good about trying to get Peanut to move around so we could see different things. 

 We could see him wiggling, turning, kicking, practice breathing, heart beating...and when she zoomed on his face we saw him wiggle, then YAWNED a big ole yawn! 

 The fact that Peanut is a BABY (and not just blobs on the screen) became real for Jeff in that moment. I'm pretty sure Jeff fell in love with him right then. It was really cool to watch that happen.

 Now, the normal ups and downs list: 

 UPS - Christmas hike was ACCOMPLISHED although SLOW for me. I seriously thought he might drop out of my you-know-what at certain points, but I'm glad we did it.

 DOWNS - My feet and ankles are starting to swell more by the end of the day. And my skin is getting so dry! 

 UPS - Christmas break was REALLY good for napping. So grateful. Wish I could do it every day. 

 DOWNS - My hips are really starting to hurt more when I try to flip around in bed, and when I get up. I have to shuffle-step my way to the bathroom REALLY slowly (3-4 times a night) before my legs work properly.

That's it for now! 

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