Saturday, January 18, 2014

32 weeks - Ups and Downs

UP - Peanut had a HUGE growth spurt! After my ultrasound this morning, he is in the 11th percentile - but most impressively gained almost an entire pound in 2 weeks! Mama gained two pounds (not sure how that works)...

Anyway, so now we don't have to monitor again via ultrasound for another 4 weeks (36 weeks)...and then I will be almost, I cannot believe how fast everything is going. 

DOWN - I peed myself last night. Just a little, but still! I was reclining in my favorite chair, in jammies, and started coughing from water going down the wrong pipe.

Something about the angle, plus the baby pressure, plus a little bit of needing to go potty...leakage. YUCK. At least I was at home to clean up and change!

UP - we ordered one of the final things (a book rack) for the nursery. I can't wait to hang it and everything else, and load up the bookshelves with cute baby stuff.

We also bought some baby hangers so I can get clothes organized! I have everything loaded up in the dresser but it's not working for me - I can't seem to find anything.

DOWN - It has been FREEZING!!! They even cancelled school one day, for threat of ice / rain. Normally, being so cold is not too bad for me because it's so short lived here in Georgia.

Even so...none of my winter coats button up! I have a tie belt on one of them that is for "fashion" but this week it was for "function".  Brrrrr............

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