Friday, September 28, 2012

1.2 Per Week

1.2 lbs per week.  That's all it will take to get me from where I am right now, to 20 PERCENT LOST by New Year's Eve.

I think I can do this thing.

Side note - anyone out there walked or run a 5K?  I hate running.  But I think it would be good for me.


Heidi Herbst said...

I hear great things about Couch to 5K. I've done them and they're completely doable. Give yourself 4-6 weeks and you'll do great!

Hudson said...

I did couch to 5K started the very end of May and ran my firt the end of August. I say give yourself 12 weeks, but Heidi might be right if you are use to exercise. Sign up for a 5K the day you start so you have motivation to finish, it really helped me, and I told all my family that I signed up so I had to do it. I was literally just getting off the couch, no cardio shape at all. I enjoy the challenge, I am running my second 5K Sunday, and think I will be able to do it with 10.something minute miles, so I am happy with that progress in 4 months. You can read my blog, and just click the couch to 5K sort feature and see how I did. I never hurt myself and I use to always get shin splints just from walking, so do exactly what it says and you shoudl be fine.

You can totaly do 1.2 pounds per week! Great job on the weight loss and continued health improvements!!