Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Clean-Up

If you are lucky (or maybe if you're not), you have a room in your house that is your catch-all.  You know, the room where things "land". 

You're not sure where something goes, or you're not quite ready to get rid of something, or you're holding onto something for goes in this room.

We have 2 catch-alls: The Pink Room and The Basement.

The Pink Room is one of the extra bedrooms upstairs (painted Pepto-Bismol pink by the previous owners) and has recently been home to 2 beds, a sofa table, books, photos, training guides, instruments, yarn, extra clothes, camping get the picture.

The Basement is the basement.  We put up 2 sets of row-shelving, resembling a poorly stocked hardware store.  We had several shelves that were unorganized or stored in un-ideal ways (think boxes instead of Rubbermaid containers)...and also just had stuff we didn't need anymore.  Like a coffee pot, baskets, contemporary flower vases, mismatched pot lids, unusable fish stuff, shoes (where did those come from?), boards...

Guess what - all that stuff is GONE!  Jeff is taking a HUGE load to Goodwill today and we have several folks lined up to take our extra furniture. 

We worked really hard this weekend to get the physical junk and clutter out of our life...and it feels good.

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