Friday, September 7, 2012

Blogger is working again!

I am horrible at IT.  Not horrible at the action / fixing / utilization of it...but horrible in the patience space.

I have no patience.

Therefore, my IT problems linger on...and on...and on...until they magically get fixed (thanks Jeff).

But today's magic was not fixed on purpose, I don't think - my laptop / connection wasn't working for the past couple weeks for blogger.

I could read feeds, but couldn't write or edit any posts (it would just spin, and spin, and spin).  Who knows.  Maybe an IT update push fixed it.

In any case - I'M BACK!

And would like to say a BELATED BLOG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 2 most awesome people I know (hi Mom and Dad).  So glad you enjoyed yourselves and had a great Labor Day as well!

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