Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Crack Hos

I mean that in a totally positive way.  I mean, not a positive way FOR ME personally on my weight loss journey, but...ok, let me explain.

I am love with these 2 products.  I seriously CANNOT stay away from them if they are placed in front of me. 

Jake's Ice Cream Thrillah Vanilla

I ate like a whole cup of it today.  Without even blinking.  And then I went back for seconds.  And just a bit' o thirds.  I am estimating at least 6 points for this.

Why, why, why does this have to be such Kryptonite?  Another confessional.  I ate six - SIX - of these cookies today (granted, at 0.7oz per cookie) and that was like another FOURTEEN POINTS.

I feel AWFUL tonight.  My stomach and head hurt and I have felt yucky all afternoon.  And TWENTY POINTS OF JUNK later, I know exactly why.  But I'm telling you, these are delicious.  But for me, moderation is NOT possible therefore, I need to just say no next time.

(PS - Jeff says I have been writing about food too much so I have committed to not writing about food every day.  But I just had to share this one.)

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