Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy Morning

I went in for my annual physical this morning.  I feel like I got put through the ringer!  Here are our the topics and things we went through:

Fasting blood work - including insulin resistance to see if it's improved (as well as PCOS).  Hopefully I'll get those results next week.

We discussed my Weight Loss and Exercise Plan - and the message was "keep going!!!!".

Referral to a real OB/GYN...since it typically takes 6 months to get in as a new patient.

And then after my physical I went in for my allergy shots (UGH they are itchy) and teeth whitening...

WHAT A MORNING!  No more poking and prodding for me for awhile (thankfully). 

What do you discuss with your doctor at your annual appointment? 

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