Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aww, how CUTE!

Day 1 (no photos) I had so much fun just running errands with my mom and dad the afternoon of their arrival. Just like when I was a kid. Except this time I was in charge! Errands: Chiropractor (Dad and I both got seen on the way home from the airport); fueled up my car; dropped off dry cleaning; stopped for sunglasses; had a pizza lunch buffet; got allergy shots; went to Weight Watchers; went out for BBQ at Shane's Rib Shack! Day 2 Atlanta Motor Speedway tour! Yep, the same one where we whizzed around the track at 95 MPH...and got to see the suites, walk the infield, and stand in winner's circle!
We went out to lunch at Frank's Mill, on the river outside Fayetteville and had some delicious salmon, fish, and most importantly - BAKLAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOH. I'm craving it right now. Then off to pick up Amy at the airport in our NEWLY RENTED GMC YUKON!!!!!!!! That sucker was huge - but we needed it to be able to road trip with the 5 of us the rest of the weekend. It's not fair to Amy to always have to be scrunched between Mom and me. :/ Here you can see the Yukon in the driveway of our house, behind the crazy old farmer taking a '67 GTO out for a spin...
Day 3 - Georgia Wine Country! We drove up into the mountains and hit up Wolf Mountain Vineyards at their tasting room and then enjoyed the weather
and then enjoyed the weather
My family is awesome...awesomely hilarious...can you tell we're having fun?
After a long day of driving and drinking (ok, the driver wasn't drinking), we got Oysters in Dahlonega (of course) and then headed to Amicolola Falls State Park to stay at the lodge for the night. (Sleeping arrangements are as they always are on Kienow vacations: Mom & Dad in one room, Jeff and Amy & Jessica in the other.) After Easter brunch, we walked to the falls for some prime photos and breathtaking views...which my computer is not working so I can't post. We had such a ball!

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