Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Camping is for Everyone...I SWEARS

Camping season started 2 months ago here in Georgia. But we have yet to go.


To get me in the spirit, I read this article to remind myself of everything I would need - and that I already have in my house.

We have the tent, fly, tarp, bungee cords, air mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, fan (essential in GA), camp stove & fuel, cooking pots & pans, plates & utensils, water jug, fire starter sticks, marshmallow roasters, pie-irons, camp chairs, an easy-up, a state park pass...seriously, what more could we need?...

...I know! The article said some of the campgrounds they go to have really pebbly / rocky campsites which HURT your FEET (Black Rock Mountain State Park, I'm talking to YOU). So they suggested buying toy-store large foam puzzle pieces that go in a child's playroom to put on the bottom of your tent.

GEN-IUS! Next stop, Target!

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