Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey, Heyyy, Boo-Boo!

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!  I decided I wanted to camp and hike for my 31st birthday this year.  We went to one of our old favorites - Black Rock Mountain State Park. 

It's the highest park in Georgia, so temps are typically cooler, and it was still definitely in springtime bloom! 

I picked this campsite specifically because we had beautiful pink flowers surrounding us (see the bush behind the tent?).  (Jeff said it would attract bees, but we were ok.)

For my actual birthday, climbed the Tennessee Rock Trail to the peak of Black Rock Mountain - what a view!

Jeff made me Cinco de Mayo / Birthday tacos, and of course - popped up some Jiffy Pop in front of the campfire on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, we were super lazy after our day of hiking and enjoyed the fire all night.

However, our laziness had a price...we didn't put our cooler or food tub back in the car (first time in over 30 trips and we TOTALLY KNOW BETTER)...and because of that, at 4am a black bear decided to visit our campsite, steal our bread, and in general cause chaos less than 4 feet from our tent.  We were terrified!  But he lumbered off - no harm, no foul...except to our poor little pitter-pattering souls who might never be the same.

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