Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Charlotte's Web

Anyone who knew me when I was younger will know that I was an AVID reader.

Do you remember Pizza Hut's program, "Book It"?  In third grade, on the board posted in the classroom, I had an obscene amount of little stickers next to my name (the stickers represented number books read). Like, it was a ridiculous amount.

At recess, I would read. While teachers were trying to teach math, I would read. When the kids had to read aloud in class, I read a bunch of pages ahead because I was annoyed at how slow it was going.


And now, as an adult, I still love to read. And I am considering re-reading - for maybe the thousandth time - one of my favorites, Charlotte's Web. All thanks to the reminder of the 60th Birthday from the New York Times.

I received a 3-pack of books around the 3rd grade time frame by E.B. White (maybe from Aunt Deb? can't remember for sure). Anyway, Charlotte's Web was one. Stuart Little was another. And I can't even remember the third book.

I don't think I understood as a child all the themes in the book. But I do remember this lesson sticking with me - everything has a purpose, a reason, a season in life (even if it just to be a friend to others). Even in death, life goes on through memories and those we leave behind.  Thank you to all of you who have been my friend.  And been in a memory of mine.


Megan said...

Oh, wow I totally forgot about the Pizza Hut Read It program! I was also the board leader in my class (maybe even the whole school). I was always reading!

You should totally re-read Charlotte's Web... it was one of my childhood favorites too.
I recently re-read Alice in Wonderland and loved it even more as an adult :)

Marne said...

Love you! Thanks for being in my memories as well!!