Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Food Adventures

It's extraordinarily dangerous when I watch The Food Network all day. Somehow, WATCHING someone else cook give me the courage to try lots of new things.

So, for brunch (full disclosure, it was really noon but I hadn't had breakfast yet), I decided to try my hand at a stovetop veggie frittata.

First I sauteed a quarter of a white onion in about a tsp of olive oil (I love my non-stick pans because you can get away with a lot of cooking without much oil or butter).

After it had browned up, I added 3 diced campari tomatoes, 4 chopped white button mushrooms, and a Green Giant Just-for-One Broccoli and Cheese thing.

I let that cook down for probably 5 minutes (while stirring occasionally), and then poured over 1/2 cup Egg Beaters.

I let it cook - no stirring - until the eggs had mostly set up. Then I tried to flip the whole thing...but that didn't work, so I resorted to just flipping 'pieces' of the frittata.

Not bad, huh? It was definitely yummy...but I did need to add some salt! (Because I forgot it the whole way through.)

Tonight I made a garlicky homemade chicken noodle soup.

I chopped & sauteed half a fresh garlic head and another quarter white onion until they were nice and browned. Then I added chopped celery and carrots and cooked those for a few minutes.

I salted and peppered, then used a whole chicken breast - including skin and bone - and added it to the veggie mixture, turning once to get it browned.

I stirred in 2 cups of water initially (and some dried parsley) and brought to a low simmer, and added 2 more cups of water after 20 minutes.

After another 20 minutes, I took out the chicken, removed the skin / fat / bone, shredded it and returned it to the soup. Meanwhile, I added 3/4 cup brown rice and cooked according to the directions.

Looky here! A yummy cool weather treat that's also super healthy! (Loaded with veggies, no milk or wheat products, hardly any salt, and zero chicken boullion required.)

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