Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frugal Food

Peanuts are my life (recently). And so I am completely not surprised the price of peanut butter is going up 30-40%. So what's a busy lady with a tight budget to do? This article listed some great options for protein that is NOT a killer for your wallet.

1. Beans. Hel-lo. Who has time to soak and cook? Not me. But guess what - the store brand black beans and chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) are just as good...and typically around $1. Who can argue with that?

My favorite dishes lately with beans: meatless chili (using chili, white, and kidney beans), taboule salad with chickpeas, romaine, and tomatoes added, and black bean & cheese enchiladas

2. Eggs. Hmmm...egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs, omelets, french toast, asian stir fry...seriously...yum.

3. Dairy. The article lists this one - but I am not a milk drinker (although I love me some cheese). But I will chow down on the cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and cheese sticks already!

4. Quinoa. PASS. Too hard to cook.

5. Soy. Boca Burgers are ok...but the real crowning glory is the tube of soy sausage which is actually REALLY good. Or, use soy in milk form for SMOOTHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Meat. Portion control, yo. 3oz or 4oz is where it's at.

Try these, and watch the $$ in your weekly budget increase. I know I have the past 2 weeks. GOOD LUCK!

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