Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ireland, I'm Coming Home 2

Blogger won't let me put so many photos in one post so here is the rest of our trip!

We stopped for lunch at a pub in Hollywood - totally authentic. Moms yelling at their kids, a couple was fun!

After lunch, we continued driving towards Kilkenny. Here we stopped to see this castle...but it was already closed (hence sad face). Good thing the Christmas market was in full swing. We shopped into the evening instead.

Our final stop for Day 2 was in Waterford, our overnight city. Many restaurants were closed since it was Sunday, but we found this amazing Italian place...super cute, authentic, delicious! After some wine and beer, things got pretty funny. For instance, my mom crying out, "Randy, your calzone is HUGE!" as they brought out our food. We all got the giggles pretty good about that one!

Nightcap at a pub on the way back to the hotel. I saw the bottom of 2 Guinnesses.

Monday morning brought a trip to Waterford Crystal. If you didn't know they basically hand blow and cut everything with artisans on site. Amazing!

Of course I bought a little something...

We came back to Kilkenny to tour the castle. It was open! And probably my mother's favorite was renovated to be decorated as a Victorian household. Cool!

A hustled drive back to the city, with a quick stop at Avoca (handmade shopping store from the mills of Wicklow), and we made it in time for the last tour of Jameson. Dad's hand shot up so fast to sample all of the different whiskeys. He picked Jack Daniels...uck. Our new family drink just may be Jameson and Ginger Ale.

By Monday night, we were pretty tired, but back in Dublin - and HAD to see an authentic Irish band and some Riverdancers...

Close enough to get kicked!!! We had such a great time - thanks Mom and Dad!

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Amy said...

Wow. looks like a lot fun was had by all. I heard that your driver is a chaffeur for the Corrs and Bono. Beautiful photos!