Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas baking

Every year Jeff and I make "Grandma Hartman's Spritz Cookies" and "Peanut Butter Blossoms".

Raise your hand if you know what both of those items are, ok? Because if you were in Georgia, you'd be in the minority.

We went to 3 different grocery stores, asking about Brach's chocolate blossom candies...none to be had. Further investigation led to the bakery ladies' lack of knowledge of 'peanut butter blossoms'...even when described in detail of their deliciousness.

FINALLY - after a major meltdown at Kroger, we last-chanced it at another Publix. I tentatively walked up to the bakery and asked (with tears in my eyes)...and she knew what I was talking about. FURTHERMORE, they had bulk candy in stock!!! I cleaned out the old chocolate (it was a little white) but I didn't care. SUCCESS!

The prep of our labor:

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Anna said...

They just aren't the same with Hershey kisses.