Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Painting fools

In preparation for our elliptical delivery today, Jeff and I prepped and painted the workout room a bright, new, shiny beige. This is much different from the darker beige it used to be. Honestly. You may think I'm joking - but it's amazing what a lighter shade can do!

Anyway, we did all the prep work - filling holes, sanding the blue stripe down, and wiping down the walls with no-rinse TSP on Monday night. Then on Tuesday, Jeff did the first coat all by himself, in the 100 degree heat of that room. I cannot BELIEVE how hot it is in that room. He said it presented "unique challenges" because it dried SO FAST because it was so hot. I think he got kind of frustrated at various times, but persevered.

When I got home on Tuesday, Jeff was just finishing the first coat and we needed another gallon. So, off to Home Depot while it dried. Upon our return, we put up the second coat and got done about 11pm last night.

In the beautiful light of morning bliss all of our hard work was rewarded - it looked great this morning! I can't wait to see how the new elliptical looks in there.

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