Wednesday, May 19, 2010

O Canada

Hello, Winnipeg!

Winnipeg is a prairie city, situated about 4 hours north of Fargo, ND, and approximately 7 hours north of my hometown. So, I felt right at home in the flatlands and hot, dry, weather of Central Canada.

The residents of this 700,000 person town also struck me to be a lot like West River South and North Dakota - the whole gamut of business folks, ag people, ranchers in cowboy hats, Native Americans, and even artists, musicians, and actors were a-plenty downtown.

Only 2 negatives occurred during my visit - my colleague was propositioned, and the sun came up at 5am and went down at 10pm which messed with me.

But that was all made better by the presence of my favorite fast food chain in the world - TIM HORTON'S!!!

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