Friday, May 28, 2010

3-day weekend!

We are looking forward to a long weekend of doing nothing!!! Well, most likely we will do SOMETHING, but it is yet to be determined what.

UPDATE: bought Jeff new tennis shoes for the first time in like, 10 years. Way overdue but hopefully he likes them. (Sidenote - what do you guys call tennis shoes? Sneakers? Tennies? Technical Performance shoes? (That's what the douche sales guy called them. And looked at us funny when we asked about tennis shoes.))

UPDATE: watched The Time Traveler's Wife. Wow. Beautiful love story. And very sad. But worth it to watch.

UPDATE: Target trip complete.

UPDATE: the house is fully cleaned. And more than just dusted and vacuummed and bathrooms done (thanks Jeff). I took Liquid Gold to our Hartman table, end table, and piano. I also wiped down walls and light switches with no-rinse TSP - the paint job looks new!

UPDATE: gearing up for True Blood this summer. Watched episodes 1 & 2 from Season One.

UPDATE: YUMMY egg salad sandwiches - summertime!!! And a trip to DQ.

UPDATE: Found Bella's boomerang toy. She freaking loves that thing. Been playing with her.

All in all, I LOVE weekends at home!!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

I call them tennis shoes. Really... technical performance shoes?

Sounds like a all-in-all good day (weekend?)!