Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Insurance companies are irrational

Let me paint the picture of what just happened.

I went to the doctor for my annual physical about 2-1/2 months ago. At that time, she gave me new prescriptions for all of my asthma meds. I had run really low on Singulair and decided to fill my last refill prescription locally instead of through the mail-order service since I needed it right away.

I knew though, that my cost would go up by continuing to fill it locally, and so I knew I should transfer it to the mail-order company. I tried to send in the newly written prescription about a month ago and they mailed it back to me with a crypic note. Jeff called and after 30 minutes on the phone they discovered it had really been returned because it was too soon to fill (so much for trying to be proactive). So I waited. And ran out of my meds again while on a trip to Pennsylvania.

I still had the 3-month written prescription in my purse so I went to a Walgreens in Bethlehem, PA and filled a month's worth to get me by.

At this point I had basically filled 2 months in a row at a local pharmacy and so received a nice reminder from my mail-order service that I should transfer the prescription to them to save myself some money.

So I logged on and put a little check mark by Singulair and hit "Transfer to Medco".

Six days later I received the note that this could not be transferred and the prescription had been voided. I called to find out what was happening. After 2 transfers, the customer service rep told me it was "too early to fill" since I had tried to transfer my Rx which really triggered a refill request.

She told me in order to get the refill I had to wait until May 26th - no sooner - as that day I would have 7 days left of my medicine and would not get the "too early to fill" error. The catch? They couldn't just renew what I had already sent in.

Since the prescription was voided, here's the steps I need to take since I was TOO proactive with my health: 1) call the doctor and explain the situation; 2) the doctor has to call their 800 number; 3) the doctor must choose option 3 to request a new form; 4) the doctor must print a new prescription and fax (really?) my prescription to them (mind you, which I already sent). This must all occur perfectly - as remember, there are only 7 days left before I run out (again).

Seriously? People. This is stupid. Beaurocracies...are mostly ok when for the greater good. But in this case they are just plain dumb, a waste of time, and illogical.

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Anna said...

I love mail-order (notice the sarcasm)... what a mess!