Saturday, April 17, 2010

When 2 hobbies collide...

Stimulus economus. That is the latin word for what we did today.

We started out the morning with a walk (DONE WITH WEEK 3!), then shower and facebooking. We decided to head up north to Woodstock, GA and grab some Chipotle lunch on the way to Creation Reef and Aquatics. We were prepared to purchase fish - we brought 2 coolers to keep everyone happy on the way home.

And purchase we did - 2 baby Grade B Picasso Clownfish who will hopefully grow up and be a pair, and 2 firefish gobys (gobies?) to add to our lonely single firefish in the tank. They are sooooo awesome and very different than any fish we had in our old tank. (I can't wait to post photos, but Jeff says I have to wait until the glass is clean and he won't do that until the copepods are more established.)

After the trip up there and back (it's about an hour one way) our new fishies got acclimated to the new tank while I took a nap. Then it was on the road again to Nearly Native Nursery, about 10 minutes away, to look for inspiration for my backyard.

I love NNN because it features plants native to the Southeast, which are drought and heat tolerant, and sometimes exotic and unusual. And, I was reminded by going there, that everything that I think is a weed is probably not - it's more than likely a native plant that blooms or is beautiful with foliage some time during the year (and therefore should not be Round-Upped).

I bought 3 spring flowering purple phlox (not groundcover), 2 summer flowering pink phlox, 2 lantern-type flowering shrubs, and a garden knick knack Kitty sculpture. These are all going in the backyard as we continue to create our walking-tour ready garden!!! Tomorrow is planting day, and we're also re-arranging our drip irrigation system to accommodate everything we have planted so far this year. Should be a fun one!


Anna said...

Sounds fun, we did our share of economy stimulating ourselves on Saturday! We have been to a really cool reef store way up north ATL. I don't remember the name but Jed may be able to figure it out if you're interested. It's probably pretty close to where you were, judging by the distance.

Jessica said...

Cool, do you guys have a saltwater tank too? It's become a super-hobby for Jeff and it is pretty fun for me too, what with calibrating, titrating, pumps, and impellers - almost like school but with no grades! What did you shop for this weekend?