Friday, April 16, 2010

Run, Forrest, Run

I loved Forrest Gump when I was younger. I think I was in middle school when it came out and my friends and I would pop in the tape when we got together on weekends. Only today do I realize that so many pieces and parts would have so much different meaning as I got older.

I always thought it was just a fun blip to have Forrest running through all those different historical times / acts / venues. And that it was cute when he always said, "I figured since I'd run this far, I might as well keep going." But now I see that in a different light. Getting up in the morning, putting on the same shoes, and running was his only purpose that day. And it GAVE him purpose, a reason to get up in that same morning. And I never realized that until watching it again recently.

I love that movie. More and more, every time I see it. And especially as it changes meaning to me based on my own life at the time, and what I have experienced since I last saw it. I don't think many things in pop culture can have an effect like that - can you guys think of any others?

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