Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pheasant Country

Today I am back home - my home home, in SD - and have a moment's quiet. As quiet as can be anyway, with the punctuation of shotguns in the distance.

The guys from Canada - 18 of them I think - rolled in to the farm a couple hours ago. They travelled all this way in what looks to be a really posh motor coach (not a motor home but more like one of those old-people charter bus things). Hopefully, they have fun, although I have heard they will need to "earn their birds" this year since the corn is still in the fields (so the birds will be spread out instead of congregated) and it is soooooo muddy and wet.

I love this time of year in this part of the country. The air is crisp, the dogs are barking, the house smells like chili and pumpkin bars, the fields are ready to be harvested...nothing says HOME to me more than this.

Sigh. Too bad I am leaving tomorrow, but I am extremely grateful to be here today.

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Amy said...

i hope you soaked it all up. I too crave the easier ways of life... Sunshine 75% of the time must be really nice. Not to mention the delicious eats...