Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Great Georgia Airshow

Well, it's after 7pm and we have just spent the past 7 hours outside at the Great Georgia Airshow! We drove down to Peachtree City earlier today, rode a cheesebox shuttle around noon to Falcon Field, and watched some pretty awesome aviation feats.

Jeff is going to assist me in remembering everything we saw - even with the program we bought about all I know is we saw a lout of loud, fast, and really acrobatic stuff!

My favorite act was called the Red Eagle Biplanes - I swear they almost crashed into each other a few times - on purpose.

We also saw demos of an
- F18 Hornet Strike Fighter which moved so fast it vaporized the water droplets in the air and was soooo noisy
- a Harrier jet that moves like a hovercraft and takes off like a helicopter
- a A10 Thunderbold Warthog which simulated bombing and shooting the crowd
- a Black Hawk helicopter
- lots of WWII vintage aircrafts
- and a little plane that landed on the world's smallest airstrip - the top of a moving pickup truck.

We had a ton of fun, spent more money than we meant to, and came home with a sunburn in October!

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