Friday, November 21, 2014

Say Yes to the Dress!

My baby sister is getting married.

My beautiful, talented, smart sister.
My empathetic, sensitive, feminist sister.
My headstrong, opinionated, complicated sister.
My lovely, loving, and deserving of true love sister.

We came (Bridals by Lori).  We saw (Flo).  We conquered...she said "Yes to the Dress"!

Here's a little preview.

(They totally live up to the hype on TV by the way.  Flo interpreted Amy's aura in about 2 seconds, and we only had to try on what, maybe 4? dresses before we found "the one".  If you are wanting an absolutely exquisite experience guided by true professionals, go to Bridals by Lori.)

Amy is absolutely stunning, and I'm sure she will radiate happiness on her wedding day.