Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ethan at 7 months old

Ok, those with kids probably remember the "Baby Dayz".  It is so fun with him right now.  He is getting more independent (and opinionated), and we are enjoying our time as a new little family.  I am trying to be very present and remember that when things are tough - it will too pass, just as quickly as the times that are wonderful.

Here is Mr. Ethan in a nutshell at 7 months...

Daddy, until he's bored, then Mommy
Mommy, until he's bored, then Daddy

Playing in his jumper
Being outside and going for walks

Favorite toys: Connectable rings, Sophie, Taggie the Elephant, really any tag or zipper on any toy
Standing on our laps
Playing in his crib in the morning after nursing, with the mobile and either Tigger or Monkey 
Favorite foods: Mommy Milk (of course), sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots, celery, broccoli
OK foods: Chicken, apple slices, prune purees
THAT DANG TV!!  We have to turn it off all the time (bummer for us) because it totally grabs his attention for 10 seconds
Sitting (with help from toppling over)

We have moved on from the bouncer since he started trying to launch himself out of it.
Nursing during the day
Snuggling or cuddling in the "baby" cradle position
Sleeping in the car
Teething - we got 2 teeth (bottoms) in 2 weeks!
Car trips longer than 1 hour
Bottles less than 4 ounces

7 months old vs 1 month old!