Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Fun Spectacular

Before we had the baby, we had decided that we were going to be the kind of family that "did stuff" and were not going to stay at home, just because it was easier.  So - here is our FALL FUN SPECTACULAR!

This weekend kicked off 2 months of fun - which we have been totally taking advantage of!

Sept 27 Saturday was the Fayette Flyers fly-in and family day.

Jeff met with his Remote Control (RC) Airplane group and everyone flew their planes while mingling with the other families.  There were burgers and hot dogs grilled on the grill, various sides, and desserts (all pot luck).  We of course brought Scotcheroos - it's like the south has never seen them before!!!  We are deemed Master Chefs wherever we bring them.  (If they only knew.)

A very nice family let me sit under their tent so E could nap away from the bustle of the potluck.

Sept 28 Sunday we went - for the 6th year in a row - to our Fall Fun Spectacular in North Georgia.  This was the first year there were three of us though :)

We started out at Burt's Farm

Of course HAD to take a pic with the John Deere

Ethan was thrilled to be out and about, watching the kids and playing on pumpkins

Then we headed just a little ways down the road to see Ann and her family at R and A Orchards

Ethan's first trailer ride - note, NOT a tractor ride.  That honor is reserved for Grandpa this summer.

Baby tried to help - as always...

We got our fill of apples, fried pie, so-so sandwiches, a cider!  And our first fall trip as three Hartmans.

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